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Nurturing Across Cultures (formerly The Rebozo Way Project) closed its doors at the end of 2011. The projects listed here are no longer active or updated. This site remains online as a resource for the global community, in the hopes that the work and information exhibited here will be an inspiration and resource to others.

Moving On...

by Barbara Wishingrad

Dear Friends,

We at Nurturing Across Cultures, known at the Rebozo Way Project from 1988-2009, thank you for your support and encouragement for our project and movement over the years. Founded in 1988 by Barbara Wishingrad, The Rebozo Way Project was a pioneer organization in promoting babywearing in the modern world, sharing information and images from indigenous babywearing cultures, and advocating for healthy attachment and bonding

In 2009 we changed our name to Nurturing Across Cultures, to more accurately represent our mission. Many people did not understand the term ‘rebozo’ and those who did often thought that we provided information about rebozo use exclusively, instead of being the advocates for traditional babywearing worldwide that we always have been.

Our tagline was: “Honoring the wisdom of ancient ways and diverse cultures, indigenous babywearing & traditional birthing lore”.

Our mission statement follows:

“Nurturing Across Cultures is dedicated to educating the public about traditional methods of birthing, family and community relationships, and about in-arms and attachment parenting as practiced by indigenous peoples worldwide, and as relevant to our own lives as caring members of the world community. Our commitment is to promote ways of bonding and being with babies, small children, and each other, ways that lead to greater self-esteem for every individual, as well as inner and outer peace and sense of community”.

Nurturing Across Cultures closed its doors at the end of 2011. We have left this content-rich website about our previous projects online as our legacy, so that people can continue to access the information available here. Please do credit us if you share our articles, and we encourage you to share them freely. We no longer have contact information as part of the site. The links on the site may not always work, as they will not be checked and maintained. We thank the newer babywearing organizations and companies that are carrying the baton where we were once one of the few voices on the horizon sharing these ideas.