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Nurturing Across Cultures (formerly The Rebozo Way Project) closed its doors at the end of 2011. The projects listed here are no longer active or updated. This site remains online as a resource for the global community, in the hopes that the work and information exhibited here will be an inspiration and resource to others.

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The Rebozo Way Project is evolving into Nurturing Across Cultures


The Rebozo Way Project: Honoring the wisdom of ancient ways and diverse cultures, indigenous babywearing & traditional birthing lore.
This has been our tag line for the past few years, one attempt to get visitors to our site and to our organization to understand what we do and what our focus is. We felt the need for a tag line because the word 'rebozo', which is Spanish, or more precisely, Mexican, for a shawl, is foreign and usually unfamiliar. Neither the word or the concept are common in Western culture.
We have found that some people have been intimidated by the word 'rebozo' for precisely those reasons. People have hesitated to try to pronounce or to spell the word, or they have associated it with Bebe Rebozo, Nixon's old buddy, and given it a negative context. It has been misspelled a million different ways, and each way has had its day being defended or explained.
All this takes away from our primary purpose and intention, our mission.
We have also discovered that when people do know the meaning of the word, they often misinterpret the mission of the project to be solely about and promoting rebozos as babycarriers, as the only acceptable way. In this mode, people look for information about rebozo use exclusively., and don't think of us as the advocates for traditional babywearing worldwide that we always have been.
It's true, our project was founded in Mexico by a woman who wore her two sons in rebozos. That was the carrier that was most available, traditional, comfortable, affordable, and versitile in the setting. Barbara provided a lot of information about rebozos specifically as well as babywearing in general. But at no time was her intention or the intention of the project the exclusive promotion of rebozos over other traditional carriers.
So, after many years and much thought, we decided to change our name. this year the Rebozo Way Project turned 21. It's time to grow up and claim our birthright, our direction. We don't want people to be confused, hesitant, or limited when they think of or interact with the project. And so we are changing our name. Our new name is:
Nurturing Across Cultures.
dont' you get an immediate idea of what our organization is about when you hear our name? And isn't our acronym much easier than RWP (how do you pronounce THAT?!)
Now we're NAC--as in "we teach you the NAC of parenting in this way". And our acronym can also be expanded into our new tag line: Nurturing All Children. How do we get the NAC to do that? join us on our journey and let's discover how together.
we'll continue and expand this conversation as we start to settle into the new name.

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