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Nurturing Across Cultures (formerly The Rebozo Way Project) closed its doors at the end of 2011. The projects listed here are no longer active or updated. This site remains online as a resource for the global community, in the hopes that the work and information exhibited here will be an inspiration and resource to others.

You may copy and distribute most articles on our site for non-profit educational purposes related to our mission so long as you include a link back to our site. Please see specific terms and conditions at the end of each article. If an article is not licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, you must contact the author for permission to reproduce the work in any form.


1 The Rebozo Way of Life Barbara Wishingrad
2 What is a Rebozo Baby Carrier? Barbara Wishingrad
3 In-Arms Parenting: A History and Cultural Education Barbara Wishingrad
4 Easy As 1-2-3 Rebozo Carries Barbara Wishingrad
5 The Original Rebozo Way How-to Barbara Wishingrad
6 Safe and Practical Rebozo Wearing: Ideas and Tips Barbara Wishingrad
7 The Rebozo Way Project is evolving into Nurturing Across Cultures Barbara Wishingrad
8 Goals and Benefits of In-Arms Parenting Anon Y Mama and Barbara Wishingrad
9 The Art of Rebozo Making Barbara Wishingrad
10 Supporting Ourselves as Attached Parents Barbara Wishingrad
11 Reflections on Constant Carrying Barbara Wishingrad
12 Studies on In-Arms Parenting Barbara Wishingrad
13 Co-Sleeping – Making it Work and Making it Safe Elizabeth Pantley
14 Feminism, childcare, and family mental health: have women been misled by equality feminism? Peter S. Cook
15 Historic Journey Barbara Wishingrad
16 Dr. Sears Addresses recent co-sleeping concerns Barbara Wishingrad
17 Newborn Babies and Sleep Elizabeth Pantley
18 Regular Naps Improve Nighttime Sleep Elizabeth Pantley
19 Early Bedtime Means Better Baby Sleep Elizabeth Pantley
20 What is Preventing Your Baby from Sleeping Through the Night? Elizabeth Pantley
21 New Immigrants Mentally Healthier Thomas H. Maugh and Patrick J. McDonnell
22 When the Watchdog Goes Awry: The CPSC's Misguided Assault on Slings Barbara Wishingrad
23 BCIA Barbara Wishingrad
24 International Babywearing Week 2011 Barbara Wishingrad
25 International Babywearing Conference Barbara Wishingrad
26 Hope for the Future Don Neeper