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Nurturing Across Cultures (formerly The Rebozo Way Project) closed its doors at the end of 2011. The projects listed here are no longer active or updated. This site remains online as a resource for the global community, in the hopes that the work and information exhibited here will be an inspiration and resource to others.

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Be part of our historic journey to South America in spirit while we travel there in April, to work together with people of indigenous and other cultures, to create a future of earth care, people care, and resource share.

Our 20-20-20 campaign: $20 each from 100 people in 20 days, starting February 20 and now extended to March 31.

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The Rebozo Way Project, recently renamed Nurturing Across Cultures, has been a pioneer organization in the fields of babywearing, attachment, and valuing indigenous wisdom since our inception in 1988. We model our tagline, “"Honoring the wisdom of ancient ways and diverse cultures, indigenous babywearing and traditional birthing lore"; and share information via our website and programs with people worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting in-arms parenting styles in an effort to move cultural trends toward nurturing and cooperation. The Rebozo Way 's unique contribution is educating through art, images, and stories from cultures that successfully practice in-arms parenting in our modern world.

The opportunity to make this trip to South America came just as we were moving into our new name, Nurturing Across Cultures, which we embraced in part to open the energy of the project to more cultures outside of the northern hemisphere. It feels like we are being called to return to the roots of the organization, as reading the Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff was what moved our founder, Barbara Wishingrad, to want to live The Rebozo Way of Life. Jean wrote her book after living among the Yequana people in Venezuela , and Barbara will spend nine days in Venezuela , visiting cooperatives, social programs, clinics and schools. This experience will set the stage for future Nurturing Across Cultures events, articles, and programs as we renew our commitment to nurturing and cooperation in our own lives and beyond.

The second part of the journey will be attending the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights in Cochabamba , Bolivia . This is a unique opportunity to participate in the indigenous model of consensus decision making (also used by NAC in our board meetings) with people from all over the world, working together to honor and preserve our earth. We will also interact with traditional babywearing cultures at the conference and as we travel overland to our return point from South America, Quito , Ecuador .


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  4. How to contribute to this journey: donate money, airline miles from Continental Airlines, offer ideas and support, and more.
  5. Our 20-20-20 campaign: $20 each from 100 people in 20 days, starting February 20 and now extended to March 31.
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